Bare Metal Works inc.
Critical applications require stainless steel process piping.  Food
and dairy processing, cosmetic formulation, pharmaceutical
manufacturing and chemical transfers all rely on stainless steel to
ensure quality standards.  Weld failures and construction defects
mean production shutdowns, plant closures, product recalls and
worse.  Rely on  a professional for your stainless steel welding

In an effort to tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients,
we offer on-site services, as well as delivery of a finished product.  
BMWi provides goal-driven, solution-oriented services to all of its
clients and continuously delivers high-quality and best value to help
its customers reduce downtime, cut costs, and ultimately meet their
time and budget parameters.  Credibility, integrity, stability, loyalty
and longevity are what BMWi stands for as a company and defines
us as a team.  BMWi’s high caliber specialists consist of a group of
professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience
in a variety of both commercial and government industries.

Bare Metal Works, Inc. (BMWi) gives you that assurance that your
welds, maintenance and construction or processed piping systems
are as good as the materials you use.  Our team of experts are
skilled craftsmen in all aspects of stainless steel welding and
fabrication.  We are bonded and insured, and licensed contractors.  
Call us when you need inspection services, maintenance, repairs,
and installations of stainless steel piping.

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